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How to be Great at Anything by Mark Manson

This is pretty much the only way to becoming a screaming success. Everyone wants to be good at something, but few people realize that becoming really good at something, or mastering any skill, is no walk in the park.

They’re simple, but they’re not easy. Here’s a summary:

Step 1: The 20/80 Principle

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The 80/20 Principle states that 80% of the output or results will come from 20% of the input or action. For example, in time management, businesses often found that 20% of their time created 80% of their productivity, and that 20% of their employees created 80% of the value.

So the key here is founding where the 80/20 is that is what is the 20% thats going to create 80% of the results.

Step 2: Get Feedback


Nailing anything in life requires a lot of trial and error and getting feedback from people. Coaches. Tutors. Teachers. The guy across the fence. You won’t know if you’re any good at something unless someone besides yourself tells you.

You need feedback so you can improve or make adjustments. You should recieve feedback and you should listen!, Beware of the ego! Listen to criticism

Step 3: Practice

AKG8223570When you look at the people who have mastered anything throughout history, the most glaringly obvious commonality is that they simply worked their asses off more than most people, and for longer than most people. Practice literally makes perfect.

Remember there are no shortcuts. PUT IN THE WORK, REITERATE/IMPROVE, FAIL AND MOVE…

Dont be fooled by overnight success stories.