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Paynow Integration Part 3 – Installation

In the last tutorial we got keys from Paynow, in this one we will go through installation of Paynow SDK or library in your project

Select your project type from below

Project Type

  1. PHP Installation
  2. Java Installation
  3. JavaScript Installation
  4. Python Installation

PHP Installation

I will touch on these scenarios:

  • Composer
  • Manual Installation

Also make sure curl extension is enabled in your PHP

1. Composer

Type the following command to install paynow php sdk

$ composer require paynow/php-sdk

Then include it in you project like this

require_once 'path/to/vendor/autoload.php';
// your code here

If you are using Laravel include it like this

use \Paynow\Payments\Paynow;
// your code here

Thats it!

2. Manual Installation

If you don’t have composer installed then Download Paynow Here

Extract it into your project directory then type this into your code

require_once 'path/to/library/autoloader.php';
// Do stuff

Example: Manual Installation

If your your folder structure is like this

- Paynow
- checkout.php
- success.php
- cart.php

Then you include Paynow like this(inside checkout.php)

require_once './Paynow/autoloader.php';

Java Installation

You need Java SDK 7 or high for it to work and you can either use


repositories {
dependencies {
  compile ''

Or Maven:


Javascript Installation

npm install --save paynow


yarn add paynow

Python Installation

pip install paynow

And BAM you have access to Paynow!!!

Congratulations we have finished the boring stages now we move to the interesting stuff