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Paynow Integration – Introduction

Wassup everybody, how are you doing , in this coming series of tutorials I am going to teach you how to integrate PayNow into your web app or website.

Present Day

In Zimbabwe its difficult to get access to a fully blown PayPal account likely due to sanctions (though PayPal denies the allegations) so you can only spend but you cannot receive. Which is a total rip off to entrepreneurs…..

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So what’s PayNow

PayNow is an online payment processing platform for Zimbabwe which allows you to make different kinds of payments from tax, fees, bills, subscriptions, donations, payouts etc.

Its like the PayPal of Zimbabwe(laughs violently). It mainly driven on Zimbabwean currency(ZWL) and United States Dollar.

Here are some of its features:

  • Accepts most popular electronic payment methods under a single contract.
  • Fast Payments
  • Its Secured
  • Its Merchants are verified
  • No Setup charges
  • It has consumer protection

#PayNow Payment Gateway

PayNow also provides a payment gateway which you can use if you want to accept payments/get paid. The gateway accept the following payments:

  • Cards
  • Mobile Payments

You are about to say goodbye to no traffic ecommerce sites(laughs violently).

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In the coming tutorials I am going to show you how can set it up and start accepting payments in your app asap

Enjoy your day